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Pink Sugar


We believe there is beauty in life after the struggle through Christ. Our mission is to help women transitioning out of programs, abusive relationships and other hardships continue to follow Christ and obtain continuing education and/or employment. We work with various organizations that provide restoration and recovery. We continuously provide emotional and spiritual support for these women during their program and help to provide for their continuing needs.


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Our non profit is a 501(C)(3) and we work with other local non profit organizations that provide programs for women coming out of hardships such as incarceration, sex trafficking, drug addiction and eating disorders. We are the hand that helps the women who desire to seek secondary education after they graduate their programs. We work with local colleges such as Victory Bible College, Rhema Bible College, ORU, Clary Sage cosmetology School and other technical programs to help the women enroll and apply fr scholarships available to them. Our goal is for them not to take out any student loans, so we step I to privately fund any remaining balance for school funding, housing, books, food etc. We strongly believe these women have a much higher success rate if they are encouraged to pursue a degree or career. 

Currently we are working closely with Adult & Teen Challenge, She Brews, Exodus House and Muddy Paws. We also have others we have contacted that we are connecting with in the coming months. God has given us a heart for women, and we love to watch Him work in their lives and see the positive impact that He has on our community as a whole.One per son at a time! 

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